AGM & New Committee

As Season 2018 is officially closed, with our AGM being held last Wednesday the 17th of October, we would like to share our outgoing President’s report and thank him for the past two years as President, and all he brought to the role.

Junior Presidents Report – Season 2018

Dear Members

I am writing to you in my last piece of communication as the Junior Division President.

After two years as president, a couple of years within the coaching ranks, my commitment on the “FTG Football” transitional committee, coupled with the fact my responsibilities at work have risen… the time is right to hand the baton back and let the next group of people lead the next steps of our great club.

As with most things in your life, you don’t stop and look at what is happening whilst you are amid it and you only look back at it once the journey is over. Over the past few weeks I have been reflecting on what the last two years has brought our footy club, and I must say that this has been possibly one of the most monumental and active time periods in our 125+ year history.

None of these items have been driven by solely myself, and have had the input of dozens of members, so I ask that every person look at this list with a huge amount of pride surrounding our achievements.

  • “One Club, One Vision” – through an extended process and an EGM, the merger of the two divisions was finalised meaning we are now officially a single entity guaranteeing a pathway for all our junior members.
  • Implementation of the first ever Board of the Ferntree Gully Football Club to oversee the club’s direction and strategy
  • Electronic Scoreboard for Wally Tew #2
  • Lights on Wally Tew #1, and the first ever games under lights
  • Council Approval and funding received for Electronic Scoreboard on Pickett’s
  • State Government Approval and funding received for upgraded lighting on Pickett’s
  • For the first time ever, a girl’s football team in every age group of the ERGFL
  • Equal recognition for female football within the Junior Division with recognition for girls leaving our ranks, Life Membership & “Club Values” awards implemented
  • Women’s Football joining the Ferntree Gully Football family
  • Club branding maximised with club uniform issued as part of each players registration.
  • …and that is before considering all of our on-field success!

As we are all aware, the club is bigger than any individual, and we are but custodians for a small period… but we should all be extremely proud when looking at the above list. Most clubs and organisations would be proud if they could put that kind of list together over 5+ years… and we’ve done it in two! Well Done!!

As a final thing I would like to just thank a few people for their support over the past may years as a leader in this club (apologise in advance to anyone I have forgotten)

To the Inaugural Football Club Board, I thank you all for the efforts that you have made in the first year of our existence, and I look forward to seeing the continual improvement in governance and strategy as you guide our club towards the pinnacle of the EFL.

To the team at the Senior Division, I also thank you for all your support. Over the past two seasons I have seen the relationship go from strength to strength and it is clear to me that the relationships are strong and that pathway for all of our junior players is a great one with support from a sensational group of volunteers.

To all the coaches, trainers, team managers, water boys/girls and general committee members of the Junior Division. Seriously, the club would not run without you. Whilst we have over 400 players every weekend… we actually have over 100 volunteers to support them. Forget the Executives, and the Boards – without those 100+ people volunteering their times week in and week out, our teams simply do not get onto the grounds.

To the Junior Executive, both this season and last, a massive thank you. The support through thick and thin over the past two years has been unwavering, and if people knew the amount of time and effort that went on behind the scenes they would be astounded. As a group we have had a massive impact on the culture, vision and implementation of projects – and as we said last year, if we can leave the club in a better position than what we found it… then we’ve done our job. With that criteria in mind, for me we have been and continue to be a success.

To my wife, Melissa, and my children – it is you that I thank the most. You have supported me through the past many years as I have committed time within my various roles to helping other people, and other people’s children. At times this has had a negative effect on our personal life, both from a time commitment and at times also my attitude at home. Your support and commitment to me has been extraordinary, and your time is now for me to pay you back for this.

Good luck to all members in the future, and to the next round of volunteers… remember, we are only a custodian for a small period. Keep our great club moving in the right direction, and your job is done. I know we are in great hands.

Go Eagles!

Best Wishes,

Andrew Gottliebsen


A BIG thank you to those of you who attended our AGM, which was held at Wally Tew with the senior club and board Chairman Brad in attendance.  The new Executive Committee were voted in and are as follows:

President:                    Ian Connolly                                    0400 855 804

Vice President 1:        Mark Renshaw

Vice President 2:        Paul Waters

Secretary:                    Cassie Moore                                 0404 891 643

Treasurer:                    Simone Brown                               0421 126 607

Thank you for putting your hand up to held this coming season, we are sure it will be another successful year ahead!


REGISTRATIONS will open ONLINE on the 1st of November, you can find the updated prices for registrations HERE.  Please note a very slight increase due to the club now having to register for GST.  The club will be taking on the majority of this cost itself.  Registration cost will also include a piece of club merchandise (Item still to be finalised).

The club will also hold an early registration day on a date to be finalised.  Please keep an eye out for this information.